Tina Steinsvik Sund

Ms. Sund, a Norwegian citizen, currently holds a position as Strategic Advisor to the CEO at PayU, a Netherlands based global operator of online payments.

Prior to joining PayU in April 2014, Ms. Sund held various Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer positions within SpareBank 1 SMN, since 2006, where she was responsible for establishing and developing a new department Digital Business, Head of Strategy and HR, as well as Strategy, IT, HR, purchasing, property management, bank operations and strategy.

Prior to joining SpareBank 1 SMN, Ms. Sund spent 10 years with Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd, as part of the Intel Capital subsidiary, as Senior Investment Manager, Investment Manager, and Investment Associate, respectively. Ms. Sund also has five years’ experience from Accenture (Andersen Consulting) as a Consultant, specialising in Change Management. Ms. Sund holds an MBA from INSEAD, and an M.Sc. in Engineering (Sivilingeniør) from the Norwegian Institute of Technology.