Arne Mellerud, our 80-year-old Zalaris ambassador!

Arne Mellerud, who is the father of Zalaris’ CEO Hans-Petter Mellerud, recently completed Birkebeinerrittet, the world’s largest MTB race.

The course, Birkebeinerritttet, is 92 km long, with start at Rena and finish in Lillehammer. Impressive achievement for an 80-year-old who participated in the race for the first time! After some persuasion from his son Arne Mellerud decided to debut in the Birbeinerrittet Saturday 30th of August. The fit 80-year-old smiled widely across the finish line, where his dear wife was waiting for him. – This was a very nice experience, said Arne Mellerud. It was a great trip over the mountains. At my age, you are slightly nervous ahead, but we took our time and everything went really well. You should not ignore the fact that I’ll attend the race also next year, said the vigorous Arne Mellerud.

I’m very proud of my father completing the 92K race at the age of 80. He’s a role model showing that staying fit improves quality of life and the ability to continue as a contributor to society even when you age. He is a great ambassador of both of Zalaris’ values and to Active Against Cancer – a program where Zalaris staff donate through physical activity to the cause against cancer – says Hans-Petter Mellerud.

If you want to see the full news story, which was broadcasted on NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) Sunday 31st of August, click here.