Zalaris Walked the Lithuanian Coastline in 24H

Deividas Urbonavicius, walking enthusiast and Zalaris employee, organized a 100k walking event in Lithuania from Sventoji in north to Nida in south.

The event on May 16 attracted nearly 500 participants. The fastest walker did an impressive 100km in 19h! The goals of the event were to promote a healthy and active life style, encourage an environmentally friendly leisure and to experience the nature of the beautiful Lithuanian seaside. Zalaris was one of the main sponsors of the event.

“We’re eager to support an active lifestyle in Zalaris. This is part of our corporate social responsibility and our partnership with AKTIV Against Cancer. We want to get at many as possible physically active, and therefore we cheer for employees like Deividas who encourages colleagues and his community to participate in sports events at the same time as they enjoy the nature and scenery in Lithuania. We’re proud to sponsor Deividas arranging these events”, says Hans-Petter Mellerud, Zalaris’ CEO.

“I’ve participated in several walking events in the past and I’m motivated to get more people to choose active walking as an outdoor activity. This is perfect for anyone that likes walking, hiking and travelling. After some active years with several marathons and other sports events I wanted to start organizing events myself, to spread the joy of physical activity”, says Deividas.

After an increasing interest from friends Deividas created a community called ‘TrenkTuras’, translated to Crazy Tours. This community has a Facebook group with more than 800 members who organize walking, running and hiking events in Lithuania and around the world. ‘Walking the Lithuanian coastline in 24h’ is the biggest event this far. They aimed at 50 participants and with no advertising the word spread to over 4000 people and nearly 500 met up to walk with them these two days in May.

“I’m really thankful that Zalaris would sponsor our event as support from businesses is crucial for us to be able to keep organizing events like this in the future. Supporting that many participants over such distances with necessities like food, drinks, warmth, aid and transportation wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. Despite a windy and rainy night it was a very successful event! And I’m certain that my walks benefit Zalaris as well, as I get a lot of time to think and it helps me stay brisk and sharp”, concludes Deividas with a big smile.

Want to participate in a TrenkTuras event?