Swedish Global Fortune 500 Company Relies on Zalaris for HR and Payroll Services

Another of the world’s most successful corporations has advanced HR and payroll services with Zalaris – in under 14 months. This Sweden-based Global Fortune 500 leader employs nearly 20,000 associates across the four countries where the implementation is in final stages of completion.

“Speed of deployment is among the most important factors customers underscore to us,” commented Zalaris CEO Hans-Petter Mellerud. “They’re thinking longer term, too, of course, but most seek results and value as quickly as possible. We’re focused on delivering quality solutions in the fastest timeframes feasible for mid-size and large enterprises.”

The number of employees covered in this particular undertaking ranges from approximately 17,000 in Sweden to an estimated 1,200 total in Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Quality HCM the Heart of Success

The trust factor is crucial. Wrong moves can be especially problematic, detrimental to the spirit of individual people and teams as well as costly from a budgetary standpoint. Line-of-business leaders need solid staff reporting. Data management and security requirements cannot be underestimated. On-time compensation cannot be compromised.

“Our reputation continues to grow as the right type of business partner and guide to HCM success in the digital era,” Mellerud added. “Market dynamics have never been more complex, considering the rapid emergence of new technologies and immense pressure to reduce costs while enhancing services. We help simplify the choices, with a clear-cut path to optimized HR today and in the long term – with reliable payroll processing capabilities complementing the strategic HCM advantages that Zalaris enables. This customer relationship illustrates our end-to-end value in action.”

Common Ground in the Cloud

As part of the agreement, Zalaris is providing one common set of payroll and HR services across the company’s Nordic operations, utilizing Zalaris’ multi-country SAP HCM cloud-based platform.

“Everyone wants to innovate and better leverage their internal global shared services, while also advancing core competencies and maximizing ROI,” Mellerud pointed out. “When you consider these factors and objectives relative to the HR function and payroll – the inherent complexities, and the sense of urgency involved – it’s imperative to have a partner that can meet aggressive target dates with the expected outcomes.”