Infrastructure Services
Halvor Leirvåg, CTO

Zalaris Infrastructure Services

We run daily data backups for you. We ensure everything is up-to-date with the current legal, or company-internal, regulations.
Halvor Leirvåg, CTO

We offer three infrastructure services: Shared, Managed and Hosted, depending on your business’ needs. We can provide flexible integration, regardless of your current IT infrastructure. Through digitalisation, you can achieve higher efficiency and agility whilst concentrating on your core competences. Your data is secure with us as we run daily data backups, whilst constantly adapting to changing legislations and regulations.

  • Shared IT Infrastructure. With this stress-free option, you join our shared infrastructure and we do all the work. We perform all the upgrades and processes are standardised.
  • Managed IT Infrastructure. You own your SAP System; we do all the maintenance. This option means you won’t need to manage or run the system, we’ll do that for you.
  • Hosting IT Infrastructure. You own your SAP Software and Systems; we can host it for you. We have the competency and manpower to take responsibility for maintenance and other services.
Shared IT Infrastructure

Improve global HR master data quality and perception of service. Implement the SuccessFactors Employee Central and Help Desk Ticketing solution to enhance your own in-house shared service and gain:

  • Efficiency through an end-to-end process focused on handling increasing demands to HR departments for large complex enterprises
  • A trusted global repository of HR master data with processes supporting the whole employee life cycle from onboarding to the alumni phase
  • An integrated help desk and ticketing system that allows you to manage secure and effective shared service HR processes and dialogues with your employees
  • Built-in categorization and Service Level Agreement (SLA) reporting that helps track important requests to HR and their response times, while reducing bottlenecks
Shared IT Infrastructure
Managed IT Infrastructure
Managed IT Infrastructure

These days, the pressure of change affects almost all industries. In finance, controlling, and HR, as well as in documentation and archiving, digitalization and optimal process management are the key drivers toward better efficiency and peak utilization of your unique selling points.

  • Agile. Focused. Human.
  • Our managed IT infrastructure will work for you, whether your company is a non-profit organization, has a religious affiliation, or is managed privately.
  • With SAP’s open technology platform and with innovative process models, Zalaris covers all your company-specific functional and business processes.
  • If you want to gain agility and concentrate on your core competences, we are ready when you are.
Hosting IT Infrastructure

The certified data center of Zalaris provides an SAP-based, multi-client platform or a customer-specific SAP system. Daily data backups and redundant backups in a failover data center are a given for Zalaris. We ensure the continuous adaptation of the systems to current legal or company-internal regulations.

  • Zalaris Hosting – Secure in Norway or Germany.
  • Those who share win – and optimize costs. The multi-client systems of Zalaris enable secure resource sharing at any time.
  • The platform and the services running on the platform are shared between several users. The robust SAP client concept ensures the security of sensitive data at any time.
Hosting IT Infrastructure