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Jonathan Møller Knudsen , Operations Improvement Manager

HR Outsourcing

We can implement one standardised HR processes, across all your geographies and operating entities. Making your life easier.
Jonathan Møller Knudsen , Operations Improvement Manager

Each month, more than one million employees receive outsourced personnel and payroll services from Zalaris from local language service centers. These service centers provide extensive expertise in HR-related laws and regulations. Additionally, all Zalaris employees are native speakers at our different locations.

  • One common IT solution across geographies and a standardized HR processes across all their operating entities.
  • Web-based access to all HR processes in the Zalaris Portal.
  • Mobile solution that supports employees on the go.
  • Our solutions enable managers to concentrate on core activities, cut costs and increase quality in their HR activities.
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Payroll Outsourcing

The Zalaris payroll template supports local payroll requirements for large and complex organizations. Our payroll services can be delivered to more than 50 countries upon request. All our solutions are certified and compatible with SAP’s standards.

  • Rapid and flexible implementation, can be delivered through full outsourcing, cloud or on-premise software installed on your own infrastructure.
  • Cost-effective, multi-client “shared service” infrastructure
  • A high level of automation allows for efficient and scalable shared service payroll centers.
  • Streamlined payroll process and helps you manage the whole HR life cycle, including all aspects of the pension administration process.
Payroll Outsourcing
Personnel Administration Outsourcing

Personnel Administration Outsourcing

Zalaris offers a comprehensive employee data management solution for all your employees’ company-related information. The solution supports standardization of employee master data across organizational units and geographic borders.

  • Self-service portal
  • Form-based processes to ensure efficient processes for most employee lifecycle events
  • Process is illustrated in an organizational chart, a graphical model of your business thast can be easily navigated and enables drill-down access to detailed employee and structural information.
  • Digital Personnel Archive – simple and secure way of storing and retrieving personnel data for your organization.

Time and Absence Outsourcing

Regular registering and approving of hours are crucial for correct payroll processing, customer invoicing, preparation of financial accounts and business reports. Our time and absence solution can easily be accessed through our self-service portal or mobile application.

  • Configured to support a number of different tariff agreements and workplace practices
  • Time registration through numerous means, including web, traditional clock in/out time-capture terminals and mobile solutions
  • Reduce sick leave and costs – sick leave solution provides “smart reports”
  • Designed to help our clients achieve a permanent reduction in their sick-leave rate and thus reduce costs.
  • It also enables our clients to be compliant with local government regulations.
Time and Absence Outsourcing
Travel and Expenses Outsourcing

Travel and Expenses Outsourcing

Zalaris’ travel and expense service is a simple and convenient solution that provides great visibility of costs in your organization. It is adapted to local languages and regulations in each country and handles taxes and refunds automatically.

  • Fully integrated with your corporate credit card data for easy and time-efficient registration.
  • All transactions are registered and saved in the self-service portal, ready for you to create your expense report.
  • With the new mobile app, you can exploit the potential of paperless travelling.
  • This makes it easier to track, submit and approve travel costs without worrying about lost receipts. This innovative and convenient solution simplifies your business’ HR processes and suits your flexible workday.

Free up valuable time completing travel expenses on the go!


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