Human Capital Management
Kristin Næss, Senior HCM Consultant

Zalaris Human Capital Management

We will provide a robust foundation, tailored to your needs. This involves one comprehensive solution for accounting, personnel and logistics.
Kristin Næss, Senior HCM Consultant

Zalaris Human Capital Management  is an integrated and comprehensive solution with a user interface for accounting, personnel and logistics. Industry and special solutions can be implemented very quickly as new functionalities.

  • SAP HCM tailored for you!
  • SAP provides a robust foundation, which can be expanded by a variety of tailor-made service modules
  • Can be adapted to your individual company requirements
Global Templates SAP HCM

Zalaris´Global SAP HCM specialists can advise you on how to best design, build and deploy a global SAP HCM solution.

  • Global Principles, and harmonised processes, can be applied
  • Scalable and flexible across all your geographies and regions
  • Our consultants have gained invaluable experience from helping organisations like yours.
  • Zalaris´ Global Template Design Service allows this qualified team of SAP HCM professionals to provide valuable insight into what does and doesn’t work.
Global Templates SAP HCM
Zalaris eFile
Zalaris eFile

Zalaris e-file is a comprehensive HCM solution for document management with SAP. The Zalaris e-file offers a balanced range of functions for many different types of data and documents.

Integrated scanning services, e-file inbox, and defined workflows make the Zalaris e-file an exceptionally powerful solution for all processes in the following fields:

  • Integration and office integration
  • Complete integration into SAP HCM system
  • ESS / MSS
  • Predefined document processes (e.g., recruitment, termination, adjustments to employment contracts)
  • iPad app for mobile use
Document Management

Zalaris Document Management – And Nothing Gets Stuck. We have meticulously analyzed and optimized the typical processes in SAP Document Management. The result is a modular solution for scanning, processing, and archiving documents.

  • SAP Data Archiving enables direct access to archived documents
  • Local, secured shares for file access via LAN are set up systematically at different locations
  • Option to extend the solution to facilitate the visualization of object dependencies and their documents (via biz²Explorer)
  • Compliance with audit and legal requirements (GoBS)
  • A modular security concept that can be extended to a fully encrypted system
Document Management

From a strategic point of view, recruitment becomes an increasingly important task in HCM. The Zalaris HR Recruiter is a solution with the additional benefit of a seamless integration into the look and feel of your homepage and the applicant administration process.

  • Multiple input channels (online application, e-mail application, paper application)
  • System-based communication via paper and e-mail (receipt, intermediate reply, invitation to an interview, etc.)
  • Job posting generation and publication
  • Optimization of applicant administration and reporting
  • Web interface for online application and document upload
  • Integration of different user groups and external job exchanges

The Zalaris HCM Revisor is a quality assurance tool for payroll processing and its follow-up processes in SAP. The solution is completely embedded in SAP HCM.

The dynamic developments in legislation require ongoing changes and adjustments in the remuneration statement. These changes, in turn, require thorough testing.

  • Traffic light function for visualization of comparison results
  • Commenting function for test results is compliant with audit requirements up to the level of individual cases
  • Connected to the HCM Process Workbench for parallelizing payroll and follow-up activities
  • Clearly arranged display of test results
  • Automatic logging and audit-proof storage of test results, including commenting function
  • The tool can be used in compliance audits to reduce the scope accordingly
Document Generator
Document Generator

Push Button Documentation. Whether you have to provide documentation for projects, systems, customizing, or operational documentation – conclusive and complete documentation is the basis for successful projects.

  • A tool that provides documentation in a quick and meaningful way
  • The Zalaris SAP DocuGenerator is completely anchored in the SAP system.
  • With the Zalaris DocuGenerator, you can create documentation quickly, automatically, and efficiently.
  • Automated documentation saves time and increases efficiency

The Carve-out Tool gives you a Precise Surgery on an Open System.

  • If subareas of an HCM system (for example, in case of mergers or company sales) shall be removed from an existing system landscape, the Zalaris Carve-out Tools represent a complete toolbox for the selective transfer of customizing settings and reports as well as master and movement data.
SAP (HCM) System Analysis
SAP (HCM) System Analysis

HCM System Analysis – We Dislike Weedy Networks.

  • Organically grown system landscapes can accumulate a lot of ballast over time even with continuous care. The Zalaris HCM system analysis tools support you in identifying optimization potentials, for example, by identifying obsolete custom solutions.