Zalaris got its very own basketball team in Riga

Girts Arnitis and Janis Bicans, basketball players and Zalaris employees are succeeding in a sponsored basketball team in Riga, BK Zalaris/Emerald.

This event war important one.

Zalaris is supporting our employees not only in daily office life, but also in their spare time. We are sponsoring the team BK Zalaris/Emerald where two of our employees are participating, Janis Bicans and Girst Arnitis from our IT department in Riga.

The team is participating in the DAL league, which is a popular amateur league in Riga and a part of the Latvian Basketball League (LBL). Many well-known companies in Latvia are taking part in this league. The four best teams after the regular season will get to the playoffs and compete to advance to the 1st league. At the moment our team is in the third place and are already secured a place in the playoffs!

BK Zalaris/Emerald was originally established in 2005. As of 2014 Zalaris joined as a sponsor. “We had no doubt about supporting these guys in their journey as basketball players. They have had a very good progress this season and has shown dedication not only when it comes to results but also as extraordinary team players. I’m glad to see our colleagues taking the Team Zalaris values to the next level, both professionally and in their spare time. I’m looking forward to follow their progress ahead”, comments Hans-Petter Mellerud, Zalaris’ CEO.

“Basketball is all about team sport and the team’s achievements are all that matters, much the same as working in Zalaris. Bringing the Zalaris values into the team has definitely made a difference. We are not only team mates but true friends and all of us are participating to win, something that brings competitiveness, positive emotions and joy. All this can be shown in our results. Several of our team members has also been awarded with ‘Players of the Month’ titles, says Girts.

Both Girts and Janis has been playing basketball since their teens and has experience from several teams in Riga before joining BK Zalaris/Emerald. Girts joined the team in 2007 and last year Janis followed him quickly after being employed at Zalaris. “With this being a family sport I didn’t have to think twice when Girts asked me to join the team. I was very pleased with the atmosphere and the people in BK Zalaris/Emerald and this has provided me with exciting sports experiences and close friends”, says Janis.

“Our colleagues’ support has meant a lot to us this year. Basketball takes up quite a lot of our spare time with trainings and games several times a week. This is all worth it when hearing our colleagues loud cheers and supporting slogans from the tribune. We’re very thankful for having our colleagues back support!” complements Janis and Girts.

“Getting to the playoffs means a lot to our team. We have secured this even with three more games to come – that’s a great result! We were struggling a bit last year and the results were not as good as we expected. This year we’ve been playing much better and have a whole new drive and motivation in our team. Zalaris’ support has been invaluable to us. Thanks to our sponsorship we got brand new uniforms and we could participate in this tournament and engage in a hobby that we all love so much with less financial obligations. We’re very grateful and will do our best to work against our main goal, to win the playoffs and to advance to the 1st league, for ourselves and for Team Zalaris. I truly believe this is feasible and I’m motivated to give my full effort to help my team achieve this goal. I will be chasing the orange ball for many more seasons to come”, concludes Girts.