Talent Management Software
Attract, develop and retain the right talent.

Zalaris’ solutions for HR talent management leverage our deep HR insight and experience, cutting-edge technology platforms and applications as well as a portfolio of flexible service delivery options.

  • Hire the best candidates, connect and guide new hires.
  • Optimise workforce performance, engagement, and productivity.
  • User-friendly approach available on any mobile, desktop or tablet device.
  • Fully enabled global talent management solutions on leading technology across the whole employee lifecycle within weeks.

Recruiting Solution

Ensure your team gets the best talent in the door effectively and quickly. From the sourcing of a candidate to applicant and offer management, Zalaris’ Recruiting Solution helps build a comprehensive database of candidates, and analyses data to ensure successful recruitment campaigns.

  • Easily create an extensive database of candidates, analyse data to secure successful recruitment campaigns.
  • Streamline and optimise the hiring experience.
Recruiting Solution
Onboarding Solution

Onboarding Solution

A strategic employee onboarding program that is aligned to your business growth, needs and goals.

  • Improve first-year retention.
  • Reduce ramp time by focusing on guiding HR and managers, building networks early and developing new hires seamlessly.
  • Experience faster employee time-to-productivity, increased goal attainment and greater organisational agility.

Performance & Goals Solution

A powerful performance management solution that helps you align employee activities with organisational strategy and monitor performance – providing your team members with continuous, meaningful feedback and coaching.

  • Increase effectiveness of your total workforce with continuous feedback.


Performance & Goals Solution
Compensation Planning Solution

Compensation Planning Solution

Take a more strategic approach to your company’s compensation planning. Zalaris’ Compensation module provides a unique set of capabilities to help you model and manage competitive compensation programs and motivate your workforce.

  • Ensure HR complies with internal compensation rules.
  • Increase effectiveness of HR professionals by simplifying the compensation processes.
  • Improve transparency.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.


Learning Management Solution

Leverage social, mobile and analytic capabilities along with a powerful and elegant user experience that increases learning adoption and results. Reduce risk and ensure compliance, improve employee performance and better enable external audiences.

  • Boost learning engagement by curating learning experiences for your total workforce.
  • Improve regulatory adherence and lower legal risk by automating compliance training.
  • Provide educational support to drive employee development at all stages – from hire to retire.
Learning Management Solution
Succession & Development Solution

Succession & Development Solution

Create strategic succession processes that reach deep into the organisation, align with business needs and drive better outcomes. Identify and develop the talent needed to improve organisational strength and achieve business goals, while providing visibility and planning for future growth.

  • Place the right people in the right roles with employee development planning and succession planning tools.
  • Help employees expand their skills and advance their careers with ongoing employee development.
  • Optimise succession planning and leverage other talent management processes.