SAP Add-ons
As an SAP gold partner, Zalaris can provide your business with a selection of plug-ins and components that will enhance your SAP experience.

SpinifexIT Easy Reporter

Optimise and automate your SAP Payroll Reporting with SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter Tool.

This simple, cost-effective reporting solution offers access to on-premise SAP HCM data, SuccessFactors’ Employee Central fields and more. Take advantage of the best-in-class reporting features with advanced calculations and logic, interface creation, and automated distribution to create robust and meaningful HCM reports.

  • Perform advanced calculations.
  • Reporting for on-premise, hybrid or cloud.
  • Access your reports from anywhere.
  • Leverage over 150 pre-written reports.
  • Schedule and email reports.
  • Create comprehensive interface files.
SpinifexIT Easy Reporter
SpinifexIT Easy Documents

SpinifexIT Easy Documents

Transform how you create and distribute employee documents with SpinifexIT’s Easy Documents solution.
A dynamic solution that uses data from across your SuccessFactors and SAP landscape to make employee letters and forms available to users in real-time.
Offer letters, employment confirmations, separation certificates, staff movement letters, and Social Security letters can be generated and produced at the push of a button.

  • Include HCM data from on-premise and cloud.
  • Incorporate pictures, charts, and graphs.
  • Pre-populate employee forms.
  • Eliminate programming and data merges.
  • Access from SAP, browser, mobile or SuccessFactors.
  • Combine multiple files in one report.

SpinifexIT Easy Clone

The SpinifexIT Easy Clone copies and anonymises current and historical data from SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central in seconds.
With Easy Clone, your Payroll team can expedite payroll testing and troubleshooting activities using fresh, synchronised data while ensuring your organisation’s data privacy requirements are followed.

  • Enhance and test your payroll configuration before going live.
  • Troubleshoot payroll inquiries.
  • Anonymise your employee data.
  • Train your payroll staff.
SpinifexIT Easy Clone
SAP Document Archive

SAP Document Archive

Enable a 100% paperless HR by using the SAP Document Archive.
Upload, access, and maintain all HR related documents electronically in a secure and central location.

  • Electronically upload, access and maintain all HR related documents in a secure and central location.
  • Role-based access encourages employee self-service whilst maintaining system security.
  • Customisable document storage and deletion rules, depending on individual organisations governance processes.