Travel & Expense Software
A simple, highly convenient solution that enables you to easily manage your travel and expense costs.

Zalaris’ Travel & Expense Software is a simple and convenient solution that provides great visibility of costs in your organisation. Adapted to local language and regulations, the solution automatically handles taxes and refunds.

  • Seamless and secure integration with payroll, aligned with local HR processes, exchange rates and reimbursement rules.
  • Employees can register their expenses whenever, wherever.
  • One-click manager approval.
  • Credit card integration.

Travel & Expense Solution

Employees can easily add expenses on-the-go, with refunds and taxes handled automatically in a simple mobile interface. Pre-configured with local legislations, the solution caters for in-app distribution of costs, while workflows ensure approvals are sent to the right place.

  • Registration of travel and expense data.
  • Daily updates of the most commonly used exchange rates.
  • Standard set of expense codes with subsequent automatic transfer to accounts.
  • One-step manager approval.
  • Receipt scanning available in offline mode.
Travel & Expense Solution
Trip Request Solution

Trip Request Solution

Improve budgetary governance and reduce risk of overspend with Zalaris’ Trip Request Solution. Managers can pre-approve their direct employees trip requests to ensure their teams stick within the expenses budget.

  • Provide your organisation with better control by introducing pre-approval of employees’ travel related expenses.
  • Provides managers a better overview of planned trips and absences for their team that is visible in the calendar.

Credit Card Integration Tool

Track and manage your employees’ expenditure with one simple tool. Zalaris’ Credit Card Integration Tool automatically pulls all credit card transactions for an employee and assigns the transaction to a pre-requested trip in preparation for finance to balance the expenditure.

  • Simplify the process of expense registration.
  • Reduce the risk of errors.
  • Save your employees time by removing additional administration work.
Credit Card Integration Tool
My Carbon Footprint Solution

My Carbon Footprint Solution

Bring sustainability to the forefront of your business with Zalaris’ My Carbon Footprint Solution.

  • Employees can track their personal impact.
  • Organisations can report on the true impact their business makes to the environment.

Travel & Expense Reports

Track, audit and improve the efficiencies of your travel and expenses with Zalaris’ Travel & Expense Reports.

  • Ensure business expenditure remains within budget.
  • Be confident that the data you use to create budgets and balance your expenses is accurate and up-to-date.
Travel & Expense Reports