Time Management Software
Meet all compliance regulations by automating and simplifying your global employee time tracking with Zalaris' Time & Attendance Software.

Zalaris’ Time Management solutions ensure optimisation of productivity for all employees by making it easier than ever to handle time related data whilst promoting seamless input to payroll.

  • Increase administrative efficiency by using time profiles which can be set up to state how time will be recorded for specific groups to determine employees’ holidays, work schedule, and premiums.
  • Enable employees to request any kind of absence from any device, and provide managers with visibility into team absences, notifications, and approvals.
  • Help ensure correct payments with real-time calculation of overtime and premium calculations, based on the employee’s profile.
  • Get an overview of time accounts, analyse absences, edit employee records, and process alerts – all in one centralised place.

Attendance Solution

Reduce time spent inputting data and mitigate the risk of human error by easily recording employees’ working hours and automating the processing of their timesheets.

  • A global solution supported by country-specific localisations.
  • Seamless integration with Zalaris’ Cloud Payroll Solution.
  • Highly intuitive visual application with role-based access.
  • Available in desktop, mobile and offline mode.
  • Cost centre work codes to manage time & costs for different projects.
Attendance Solution
Absence Solution

Absence Solution

Absence tracking has never been easier with Zalaris’ Absence Solution.

  • Book and approve leave, track extended leaves ensuring financial accruals are accurate and accounted for.

Quota Solution

Set and track absence and attendance quotas to ensure governance of holidays and entitlements for all your employees with Zalaris’ Absence & Attendance Quota Solution.

  • Book, approve and track employee absence.
  • Empower management to track absences, manage future absence and improve availability planning.
  • Reduce the risk of payroll errors with automatic payroll calculations for all types of absences within the rules of your organisation.
Quota Solution
Worktime Planning Solution

Worktime Planning Solution

With seamless overview tools, managers and administrators can create and maintain work schedules easily and quickly, while employees can view their own and their co-workers’ work schedules.

  • Quickly and easily create and manage workforce work patterns.
  • Site maintenance allows companies to manage employees work schedules over several work sites.

Sick Leave Monitoring Solution

Easy-to-view dashboard tiles provide an overview for managers to view who from their team is off sick each day, track sick leave accruals, and manage periods of extended leave.

  • Track and monitor specific absences.
  • Provide a daily overview for managers to view who from their team is absent.
  • Automatically provide payroll with accurate data for pay adjustments to be made.
Sick Leave Monitoring Solution
Time Reports

Time Reports

Track, audit and improve the efficiencies of your time tracking and absence processes with Zalaris’ Time Reports.

  • Review and manage sick leave quotas.
  • Ensure compliance with contracted hours and different union agreements.
  • Accurately plan your future workforce needs.
  • Improve transparency, foresee time recording trends and plan tasks accordingly.