Lofoten Insomnia Race

The Lofoten Insomnia Race 2013 resulted in impressive results for Team Zalaris: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in different classes in addition to an award for having the happiest contestant. We are proud of our sporty employees!

The 6th Lofoten Insomnia Race was arranged 28th-29th of June, and Zalaris participated with 16 contestants from Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark. The track is from Å in Lofoten to Lødingen, where Zalaris has one of its main service centers.

The race had a total distance of 235 km and consisted of steep hills, long fields, underwater tunnels and last, but not least, beautiful Norwegian landscape. Zalaris distinguished itself with the highest number of participants per company.

Gry and Monica from Lødingen took first and second places in the womens class from Å. Espen Aune from SAP, our main partner, was the best of our men in the racing class. Ieva from Riga finished third in the woman’s class from Kabelvåg, achieving an impressive time…on a mountain bike!

Luiza from Riga also won a prize in the awards ceremony — for having the biggest smile and being the happiest contestant. The next Lofoten Insomnia Race will take place 29th-30th of June 2014.

Congrats to all who participated!