Our Norwegian Champion Shooter hits the mark again!

Competitive shooter and Zalaris employee, Øyvind Flatla, has won the Norwegian 2014 Air Rifle Championship.

Øyvind, who goes all in for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, was clearly the best of all contestants both in the initial shootings on April 26th and in the Sunday’s final. He beat several of the European and world champions, and is therefore a big step closer to qualifying to participate in this fall’s World Championship, being held in Granada, Spain in September. The next major competition for Øyvind is the World Cup in Beijing, being held in July.

“I am incredibly grateful that Zalaris, as a sponsor and employer, demonstrates the flexibility and support I need to be able to continue compete in the international top league of shooting. I’ve received lots of congratulations and motivational pats on the back from several of my colleagues. I appreciate all the encouragement!” says Øyvind after winning the title.

“Øyvind is an amazing representative for Zalaris! We are all very proud of his achievements and follow his progress and competitions closely. He represents our values in a brilliant way – as a competitive shooter, colleague and consultant showing that focus and dedication leads to success. We appreciate having him on our team!” comments Hans-Petter Mellerud, Zalaris CEO.

The Norwegian Air Rifle Championship is broadcasted on TV 2 Sportskanalen (Norwegian sports television channel) at the following dates: May 5th at 9.30 p.m., May 6th and May 9th at 8.30 p.m.