Thanks for your effort, Marit Bjørgen

Zalaris outsourced the toughest relay leg and topped the team with Marit Bjørgen for the Holmenkollen Relay 2014.

Thanks to our partnership with AKTIV against cancer, Zalaris got the Olympic champion on our team for the relay. We were very excited for the opportunity to meet Bjørgen, and for her to run with the Zalaris logo, as she represents our values in a brilliant way!

“Just as many businesses find it more efficient to outsource HR and payroll services to Zalaris, who have high expertise and operates on a large scale, I realize that Marit Bjørgen is far better qualified to deliver in the Holmenkollen relay. More importantly, we support a good cause at the same time as we take our own medicine and outsources the toughest relay leg” says Hans-Petter Mellerud, Zalaris’ CEO.

Seven out of ten Zalaris’ employees are registering their physical activity in AKTIV against cancer’s solution, GoAktiv. The more they exercise the higher the amount Zalaris donates to the foundation. This makes Zalaris one of the most committed sponsor companies. “Zalaris is among those who have succeeded to enroll the largest percentage of their employees in the program. They are a brilliant example of how a company can create great positive engagement by using GoAktiv, we are truly impressed by the commitment among the employees in Zalaris”, says Helle Aanesen, the founder of AKTIV against cancer.

We would like to thank Marit Bjørgen for her effort in the Holmenkollen Relay. We appreciate her kindness supporting AKTIV against cancer and participating on Team Zalaris!