Zalaris India Has Stepped into a Healthy No Plastic Zone

Zalaris India is proud to announce that it has evolved and is marching into an eco-friendly work place.

As of December 2018, the government of Tamil Nadu (state in India) implemented “gift a plastic-free state” to future generations; a complete ban on single use plastic, including straws, takeaways, plastic bags, sachets and other plastic products.

That ban had suggested disallowing use of disposable plastic products and recommended using traditional alternates like earthen mud, wood, and plant leaves.

And #TeamZalaris, as a part of the initiative to make a better place of work for our employees, gracefully accepted this ban and started creating a plastic free zone. We banned the usage of one-time used plastic inside office and came up with pollution free alternatives, like:

• Plastic use and throw cups replaced by ceramic and earthen cups

• Plastic stirrer replaced by wooden stirrers

• Plastic plates replaced by ceramic and fiber plastic

• Plastic covers/bags/wrapper are replaced by paper bags.

 This initiative has brought a good deal of awareness about the benefits of plastic free environment and a healthy living among our employees.