Denmark’s largest bank Danske Bank relies on Zalaris to digitalise their HR in Sweden

Zalaris automates and seamlessly integrates HR and payroll services for Danske Bank.

Strategic Objective/ Value Driver

The services provided by Zalaris will support Danske Bank’s digitalisation journey, including improving user experiences and the enablement of working from anywhere. The project has been an important milestone to simplify and improve Danske Bank’s digital payroll services by offering its employees, HR-team and managers a modern and user-friendly solution with automated, seamless services.

Technology scope:
Zalaris multi-country payroll platform empowered by SAP incl. PeopleHub portal, Time & Attendance, eHR, eForm and the Payroll Control Center
Service scope:
Managed payroll, including time services for all employees in Danske Bank Sweden as well as first line support to all employees in Sweden.
Geographical scope:
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Northern Ireland
  • consulting
  • support
  • outsourcing

Role of Zalaris

Zalaris has been leading the project in tight collaboration with the Danske Bank’s team. The project included developing new automated services, streamlining operational services and implementing payroll, with a modern and user-friendly solution. Super user training and change management have been important streams for the successful go-live.

Role of Zalaris
We are very pleased with the successful implementation of Zalaris as our new payroll vendor in Sweden. The project was a great success due to excellent collaboration of dedicated and professional colleagues in IT and Services organisations from both sides. The global project team worked tirelessly and fully remotely to secure all required deliverables for such an important and critical milestone on payroll vendor change. We look forward to a fruitful partnership in the years to come.
— Nordic Head of HR Services and IT Lead People Tribe of Danske Bank

Outcomes achieved

The services will be empowered by Zalaris’ proven multi-country cloud solution for payroll and time, leveraged by the Zalaris PeopleHub portal and the possibility for mobile self-services for all employees in Danske Bank. Automated and seamlessly integrated HR and payroll services will additionally increase efficiency in daily work. First line support will be provided by the Zalaris operational team.

Outcomes achieved