Alexander Milton, VP Managed Services Solution

Zalaris PeopleHub

One-stop HR platform - to help simplify all HR administration!
Alexander Milton, VP Managed Services Solution

Zalaris PeopleHub is a complete, one-stop HR platform to simplify HR administration for everyone.

With this platform, we gather payroll, time and expenses reporting, and talent management all in one place. It is a global HCM platform that unifies all employee data and eases all HR processes.

Our scalable platform provides role-based access with one user interface. With one integration, we are able to harmonise with any global HR solution, adapting to your changing business needs and growth.

  • One Integration with any global HR solution
  • One application, one user interface
  • Global oversight, local compliance
  • Anytime, anywhere – mobile
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Zalaris PeopleHub

One-stop HR platform - to help simplify all HR administration!

One HR information system – to manage your entire employee life cycle. Zalaris provides a flexible, global core HR solution that supports core HR processes and employee self-services for your total workforce.

  • Simplify and streamline global benefits management with a single platform for open enrolment, work and life event handling, and employee communications
  • Increase process efficiency and data accuracy by managing all master data and benefits processes with one platform
  • Align benefits enrolment periods and practices with specific requirements and guide employees through the process with step-by-step instructions
  • Increase administrative efficiency with the automatic processing of benefits changes based on data updates and passive events that impact benefits
  • Notify employees automatically when benefit actions are available and provide statement of their benefit enrolment elections
HR System

Your global business may have an ecosystem of separate HR & payroll solutions; we can unite them. Every country has different payroll legislations; we can simplify this for you.

  • Visibility into labour costs across different countries in one place, in real time
  • Flexible to make adjustments instantly whenever local tax rules changes
  • Reporting is integrated to local authorities to be always compliant
  • Possible to combine payroll with time and travel reporting for a more accurate payroll
  • Employees can see their pay whenever, wherever

Optimise the productivity of your employees with Zalaris Workforce Management. We offer flexible, collaborative scheduling between you and your employees, available on your smartphone.

  • Global solution that supports various locales
  • One fully integrated system, single user interface with any global HR solution you currently have
  • Local language support
  • Seamless and secure integration with payroll and aligned with local HR processes, legislation and rules.
  • Apps are highly intuitive and visual with role-based access
Workforce management
Travel and expenses

Zalaris’ travel and expense service is a simple and convenient solution that provides great visibility of costs in your organisation. It is adapted to local languages and regulations in each country and handles taxes and refunds automatically.

  • Seamless and secure integration with payroll and aligned with local HR processes, exchange rates and reimbursement rules
  • Employees can register their expenses whenever, wherever
  • One-click manager approval
  • Credit card integration

Zalaris solutions for talent management mixes our deep HR insight and experience with cutting-edge technology platforms and applications.

  •  Recruiting: helps you source, engage and hire the world’s best talent with line-of-sight analytics.
  • Onboarding: improves first-year retention and reduces ramp time, builds networks early and develops new hires seamlessly
  • Performance and Goals: provides your team members with continuous, meaningful feedback and coaching and aligns employee activities with organisational strategy
  • Compensation: gain central oversight and control of employee compensation programmes across your business
  • Learning: has touch points into achieving goals, improving performance, or seeking a new path in your career
  • Succession and Development: engages employees with meaningful career development opportunities, identifies and closes talent gaps, and nurtures leaders
Talent Management