Hans Petter Myrlie Bjørn, VP IT Strategy

Zalaris HR system

One HR information system - to manage your employees’ entire employment lifecycle!
Hans Petter Myrlie Bjørn, VP IT Strategy

Zalaris HR system enables you keep up with changes to your business and workforce with flexible, cloud-based human resource information system – manage people profiles and organisation charts, employee benefits and documents, time and attendance, and HR compliance with our integrated technology capabilities.  This is a flexible, global core HR solution that supports core HR processes and employee self-services for your total workforce.

  • One complete overview of workforce data from compensation to benefits and performance
  • Gain valuable insights through the entire employee lifecycle: workloads, absences, costs, location and more
  • Empower employees to manage, maintain and update their own information and documents, reducing administrative burden on HR
  • Full compliance with local legislation in over 100 countries across all industries
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Benefits Management

  • Simplify and streamline global benefits management with a single platform for open enrolment, work and life event handling, and employee communications.
  • Increase process efficiency and data accuracy by managing all master data and benefits processes with one platform
  • Align benefits enrolment periods and practices with country-specific requirements  in order to guide employees through the process with step-by-step instructions.
  • Increase administrative efficiency with the automatic processing of benefits changes based on data updates and passive events that impact benefits eligibility.
  • Notify employees automatically when benefit actions are available and provide a personalised statement of their benefit enrolment elections.
Benefits Management
Country-specific localisations

Country-specific localisations

Utilise embedded localisation to help ensure compliance and deploy best practices to standardise HR processes across the globe.

  • Adapt to country-specific business practices and laws with automatic legal and regulatory changes provided by local experts
  • Receive timely notifications on the latest legal and regulatory changes within the integrated upgrade centre
  • Access an inventory of globalisation and localisation requirements for each supported country.

Employee Self-Services

Track HR information for all employees and contingent labour –  in order to keep it in line with country-specific requirements.

  • Provide a single source of truth for HR data with a single global platform.
  • Drive global compliance with localised best-practice processes, which are determined and enforced by local experts in each country we support.
  • Benefit from real-time data insights, such as staffing rates, and succession positions without a ready candidate, to make data-driven decisions.
  • Provide employees with a personalised profile page where they can manage and view benefits, request time off, and more.
Employee Self-Services
Organisational Structures

Organisational Structures

Provide tools as well as embedded analytics to help managers model and visualise org structures, to improve recruiting, succession, learning, and workforce planning.

  • Visualise organisational structures with drag-and-drop capabilities, prior to making organisational changes.
  • Provide comprehensive information at a glance on contingent workers, global assignments, and remote workers with a centralized workforce data
  • Identify critical positions and quickly make workforce adjustments to address gaps.

Time and Attendance

Automate and simplify global employee time tracking in order to meet compliance regulations for time and attendance management.

  • Increase administrative efficiency by using time profiles – which can be set up to specify how time will be recorded for specific groups – to determine employees’ holidays, work schedule, and premiums.
  • Enable employees to request any kind of absence from any device, and provide managers with visibility into team absences, notifications, and approvals.
  • Help ensure correct payments with real-time calculation of overtime and premium calculations, based on the employee’s profile.
  • Get an overview of time accounts, analyse absences, edit employee records, and process alerts – all in one centralised place.
Time and Attendance
Document Archive - eFile

Document Archive - eFile

Keep all your HR documents stored safely in one place instant and role- based access.

  • eFile stores all employee documents and files in one HR document archive attached to the employee record for instant access
  • Integrate documents into other human capital management apps to capture critical information that can be relevant to onboarding, performance management and other key areas
  • Role-based access and support for GDPR-regulated document deletion ensures that employees’ HR documents are securely stored