Hilde Karlsmyr, Chief HR Officer

Zalaris Talent Management

With SuccessFactors HR can attract the right talent, align them to our goals and reward our top performers.
Hilde Karlsmyr, Chief HR Officer

Zalaris solutions for HR talent management leverage our deep HR insight and experience, cutting-edge technology platforms and applications as well as a portfolio of flexible service delivery options.

  • Hire the best candidates; connect and guide new hires
  • Optimise workforce performance, engagement, and productivity
  • User-friendly approach available on any mobile, desktop or tablet device
  • Fully enabled global talent management solutions on leading technology across the whole employee lifecycle within weeks
  • From small, midsize clients, to multi-region enterprises

Attract, develop and retain the right talent.

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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting helps you source, engage and hire the world’s best talent with line-of-sight analytics. The solution provides intelligence and guidance along the entire recruitment process – from sourcing and candidate experience to applicant and offer management.

  • Diversify your sourcing strategy
  • Candidate relationship management
  • Reduce the overall cost to hire a new employee
  • Reduce time to hire and HR cost per employee
  • Increase HR productivity and employee engagement
  • Reduce marketing spending for job advertisements


Through a process that is easy, automatic and personal, Zalaris’ employee onboarding solution improves first-year retention and reduces ramp time by focusing on guiding HR and managers, building networks early and developing new hires seamlessly.

  • Best-in-class onboarding yields 2.5 times higher profit growth
  • Engage new hires with guidance at every step
  • Faster employee time to productivity
  • Paperless new hire with online forms
  • Onboarding, offboarding, and cross-boarding
  • Powered by SAP SuccessFactors onboarding

Performance and Goals

SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals management is a powerful that helps you align employee activities with organisational strategy and monitor performance – providing your team members with continuous, meaningful feedback and coaching.

  • Increase alignment between company strategy and individual execution
  • Increase productivity and employee engagement
  • Enable managers to provide employees with timely guidance to align goals and improve performance
  • Focus on future development and employee growth
  • Facilitate regular, productive conversations to maximise employee performance
  • Increase completion rates with a simple, engaging experience
  • Identify and reward top performers with “Pay for performance” model
  • Reduce staff turnover – and the risk of losing your top performers
Performance and Goals


At Zalaris, we believe that compensation is a strategic tool for shaping employee behaviour and influencing organisational performance. Compensation & Variable Pay solutions that focus on automation, streamlining and simplifying the compensation process, only increase the speed and efficiency of the current process. Automation alone does not enable strategic compensation processes.

  • Gain central oversight and control of employee compensation programmes across your business
  • Ensure compliance with internal compensation rules and company guidelines
  • Optimise budget utilisation by allocating funds in support of strategic business goals
  • Create a pay-for-performance culture by tying employee performance to rewards
  • Improve compensation planning and budgeting accuracy with base, bonus, and long-term incentive modelling and forecasting
  • Improve transparency
  • Powered by SAP SuccessFactors Compensation & Variable Pay solutions


Whether you are upskilling or needing to ensure compliance, a modern eLearning experience will support employee training and reduce compliance risk.

Zalaris’ LMS solutions powered by SAP SuccessFactors Learning empowers your workforce to achieve goals, improve performance, or seek a new path in their career. Supporting different and blended learning options allows individuals to undertake personalised and innovative learning that is relevant to them and the needs of your organisation.

  • Upskill and reskill your workforce to adapt to change.
  • Reduce administrative headaches by automating compliance training experiences.
  • Manage risk and compliance through audited training (curricula) as well as validated systems for industries that have strict controls around training & eLearning (e.g. pharmaceuticals).
  • Increase the upskilling of employees, leading to increased effectiveness, new business opportunities and improved talent retention.
  • Improve employee engagement and retention through employee investment.
  • Reduce costs around training and certification by utilising a capable management platform.
  • Reduce the time to get a return on investment in training & learning courses with faster deployment via the learning management system.
Succession and Development

Succession and Development

Any organisation wants to identify, develop and retain their high performing talent. It is key to improving organisational strength and achieving business goals.

Succession and Career Development Planning is about engaging employees with meaningful career development opportunities, identifying and closing talent gaps, mentoring and nurturing leaders.

  • Assess the risk and impact of key talent loss. Then mitigate against it.
  • Reduce the time that critical vacancies are unfilled.
  • Increase employee retention and engagement by helping employees expand their skill set and advance their career with ongoing employee development.
  • Close talent gaps with career paths that link to learning activities.
  • Accelerate employee development with intelligent mentoring programmes and leadership development plans.
  • Powered by SAP SuccessFactors Career Development & Succession Planning solutions.