Edgars Knohenfelds, Product Owner, Business Process and PMO

Zalaris Workforce Management

There are many opportunities in optimising the productivity of your employees, let us guide you!
Edgars Knohenfelds, Product Owner, Business Process and PMO

Optimise the productivity of your employees with Zalaris Workforce Management. We offer flexible, collaborative scheduling between you and your employees with a simple solution available on your smartphone.

  • Global solution supported by country-specific localisations
  • One fully integrated system, single user interface with any global HR solution you currently have
  • Local language support
  • Seamless and secure integration with payroll and aligned with local HR processes, legislation and rules.
  • Apps are highly intuitive and visual with role-based access
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Zalaris Workforce Management

With Zalaris, your workforce will be always efficient, always compliant and always on budget.

Time and Attendance

Ensure a perfect payroll with Zalaris’ Time and Attendance solution. The clock-in, clock-out time recording solution is ideal for clients who use time data to calculate pay.

  • Advanced business rules that can support country-specific localisations
  • Advanced time recording – time can be recorded and cost can be allocated to specific projects codes and/ or internal orders
  • Advanced approver workflow that enables project (code) owner to approve time
  • Offline mode – enable record of attendance anytime and anywhere
    Possible integration with external time recording systems
 Time and Attendance
Absence Management

Absence Management

Zalaris’ Absence Management Solution allows employees to register their absence. Absence is when employees are not at work (e.g., sickness, vacation, extended leave of absence, etc.). Employees can enter, check, edit, delete and submit requests, which are then sent to the manager. Managers and HR can use the on-behalf functionality to record absences and vacation transfers for employees.

  • Global solution supported by country-specific localisations
  • On-behalf functionality enables managers to record for employees
  • Follow-up on workflow status (approved, released for approval, rejected etc.)
  • Simple and effective approval workflow for managers
  • Group calendar view of planned time-off for managers approving requests
  • Record absence in offline mode
  • Seamless input controls to ensure correct data handling with error notifications
  • Absence recording is supported by employees’ quota of contractual and/ or union agreement quota management

Workforce Scheduling and Planning

Zalaris’ Workforce Scheduling and Planning Solution is a tool that contributes to more flexibility around the maintenance of the employee’s work schedule. The Availability application allows employees to register their availability so that managers can create timetables to suit everyone’s needs.

  • Predictable scheduling patterns
  • Schedules aligned to budgets and local labour laws
  • Overview of schedules in three different formats: daily, weekly, monthly
  • Create work schedules in less than 2 minutes
Workforce Scheduling and Planning
Sick Leave Monitoring and Follow-Up

Sick Leave Monitoring and Follow-Up

Zalaris’ Sick Leave Monitoring & Follow-Up Solution was created to help managers reduce the number of employees on sick leave while simultaneously complying with local regulations.

  • Alert HR and employees of missing documents or other deadlines
  • Automatic follow-up assistant
  • The follow-up process is standardised with reminder e-mails
  • Explanatory guidelines are provided
  • Up-to-date data is available at all times