Hans-Petter Myrlie Bjørn, VP IT Strategy

Zalaris Payroll

Local and international payroll can be challenging, let us do it for you!
Hans-Petter Myrlie Bjørn, VP IT Strategy

We offer a united payroll solution for your global business. We are a large and competent team of payroll specialists with 20 years of experience in transforming payroll, having extensive knowledge in local taxes and legislations.

  • Cost-effective
  • We grow with your company
  • One simple, integrated system
  • Unified user experience
Outsourcing Payroll

If you don’t want to worry about international complexity, legislation changes or payroll itself, we offer a united solution for your global business, with local support.

Unite your HR system

You have an ecosystem of separate solutions; we can unite them. We offer one integrated report for all your different systems with the added benefit of increased security. One central point of contact and real-time access.

Automate Payroll

Every country has different legislations. We can simplify this for you. We specialise in being integrated with local, social welfare and legislation systems. Retroactive payroll processing, automatic checks and heightened accuracy.

  • Adapted to local languages, supported by local people
  • Extensive expertise in local taxations and legislations
  • Save time, increase security and focus on your core business
Outsourcing Payroll
Time & Absence
Time & Absence

Our quick and simple global solution allows employees to record attendances, absences and view reports

  • Quick and easy entry, approvals and reports
  • Utilisiation of our self-service portal and mobile app
  • Fully supportive of complex and different workplace practices, tariff & industry agreements
  • Various time collection principles
  • Quick and easy integration to other systems
Travel & Expenses

Zalaris’ travel and expense service is a simple, convenient, self-service solution that provides great visibility of costs in your organisation. The service is already supporting local travel policies.

  • Register on the go with the mobile app
  • Integrate with your corporate credit card data
  • Localised per diem, taxation, languages and regulations
Travel & Expenses
Payroll Control Centre
Payroll Control Centre

We provide a complete overview of the payroll process. This means that, if there are any errors, we will catch them pre-payroll. 

  • Control payroll data quality in real time
  • Pre-payroll checks and validations
  • Simple visibility and tasks assignment
  • Catch errors early, save time, increase accuracy
Payroll Reporting & Analytics

If you want to run your organisation more effectively, you need to understand it. Accomplish this through strategic and predictive analysis with live feed reporting.

  • Fast-to-deploy, and simple-to-use
  • Highly secure
  • Cloud based technology
  • One integrated report; across your business, across your geographies
Payroll Reporting & Analytics
Payroll Maintenance & Support
Payroll Maintenance & Support

You won’t have to do a thing. We will handle the updates and take responsibility for maintenance, so that everything is running silently in the background.

  • Management of system maintenance and updates
  • Ensure your data is secure
  • Extensive experience and locally situated expertise
  • Tailored to your needs, priced sensitively, and cost-effective